Saturday, February 4, 2017

Need A Wedding Dress? Benita Okojie Is Giving Out Her Gown!

Newly married gospel singer Benita Okojie who tied the knot in a classy and simple ceremony December last year has announced that she is giving out her wedding dress.

The beautiful 28 year old singer who began her music career about 18 years ago when she was just a little girl of ten has hinted that her lovely white wedding dress is up for grabs,  free of charge.
It is strange that Benita would think in the direction of giving out the dress unlike many brides who prefer to hold on to the dress forever, some even insist to keep it for their daughters who end up not wearing it.
Benita however has decided not to let the dress grow cobwebs or take up space in her wardrobe thereby deciding to dash it out.
She however did not mention how she plans to dash out the piece, only announced in a post where she shared a throw back photo of herself on her wedding day and codedly added the hash tag #gownforgiveaway.

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