Monday, February 6, 2017

Never Fight A Battle You Know Nothing About - Gordon To Tuface

Comedian Gordon has out rightly condemned singer Tuface's move to protest against the government through a nationwide march.

The Comedian thinks that although Tuface had a good motive, he used the wrong tool which landed him in the trouble he ended up with. "How on
According To Gordons, the only tool which would have been effective and heard over loud voices was his music. The comedian made a reference to late Fela Kuti who fought the government all his life but never carried a placard. Fela Kuti used his music as a tool to fight the government.
Gordons also mentioned that given the microphone, Tuface would not have been able to express himself as much as he would have if he were to sing it.
The comedian who was obviously pissed off says he is disappointed in Tuface for trying to fight a battle he knows nothing about using the wrong tool.
"If you want to lead the protest you should lead it with music...politics is not your game" he said.

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