Friday, February 10, 2017

Nigerian Army meets Chijioke the unlucky Onitsha handicap.

Luck has finally shined on Chijioke Uraku, the handicap who was brutalized by some Soldiers in Onitsha on Tuesday for wearing a Camouflage trouser.

Chijioke was unlucky on Tuesday as he was beaten severely and dragged around by two soldiers.

The matter went viral as angry citizens called out the soldiers and the Nigerian Army for the inhumane act.
Celebrities from all corners of the industry also expressed anger and bewilderment at the suffering inflicted on Chijioke.

Luck came when a Lagos Philanthropist put out word in search of the crippled man.

He was found and blessed with some new clothes, some money and cash.
The foundation also promised to help him with an accommodation.

The Nigerian Army on a move to pacify the man has apprehended the guilty soldiers and also met with Chijioke.

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