Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Nigerians Curse Soldier Who Justified The Beating Of A Cripple In Onitsha

A Nigerian soldier has bitten more than he could chew after he stepped into Goldmyne comment section to defend the soldiers who mercilessly dealt with a crippled man in Onitsha.

The soldier whose name is Temidayo Matthew blamed the crippled man for disobeying a standing order of wearing a camouflage.
He commented that no one is above the punishment.
He most definitely was not expecting the response of angry people who were already upset about the video.
Curses followed him immediately many went as far as wishing him and his generation a crippled life for his comments. Obviously he wasn't aware that insensitivity pisses Nigerians off.
Check out the curses and harsh abuse that trailed his comment.
He had no choice, he sent an apology to curtail the curses but the harm had been done.

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