Friday, February 24, 2017

Not All That Glitters Is Gold... Dirty Laundry Of Tonto Dikeh's Marriage Aired In Public

Not all that glitters is gold.
From all indications, Tonto Dikeh gave us the picture of a blissful marriage because it was what we expected.

The gifts, the expensive gifts were her way of portraying her husband as the best to the public.
She probably even thought it would change him. :
Scam, STDs, lies, deceit, abuse and more darkness! What could be darker than the first five? But according to her, there's more and she's unleashing soon. :
Is this a call to the single to remain single? Or a call for all celebs to stay off marriage? Or just a hint that there's no perfect relationship? :
So disheartening that one day, it's kisses, cuddles, PDAs, and the next day: curses, shoves, shocking revelations and more darkness! :
Now there are allegations that Churchill was fetish, abusive and a scammer!
Eloi, Eloi...
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