Saturday, February 11, 2017

OAP N6 Steps Out In Camouflage And Dares Soldiers To Touch Him.

Radio broadcaster and presenter N6 has taken a stand against Soldiers bullying civilians following the recent case of a handicapped man Chijioke Uraku beaten by soldiers for wearing a military uniform.

N6 shares a photo of himself wearing the forbidden camo and boldly dares any soldier to harass him.
According to N6, he did not just wear the camo to take a shot,  but stepped out with the trouser as against the laws of the Nigerian Army.
"Let me see the soldier that will tell me rubbish" he wrote with the hash tag #istandwithchijioke.
Meanwhile, some think that N6 is deliberately looking for trouble by wearing the military uniform. "they would have beaten you before justice arrives" someone advised the presenter.

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