Tuesday, February 7, 2017

#OnevoiceNigeria Check Out The Greatest Beneficiaries Of Yesterday's Protest.

Like a movie, the February 6 nationwide protest began and ended. As agreed, aggrieved Nigerians took to the streets to make their pains known to the government through a peaceful protest.
Some celebrities stood by their words and joined the masses in the protest. Nollywood stars, Yomi Fabiyi, Mercy Aigbe, Charles Novia were seen carrying placards with meaningful inscriptions.

While Sahara Reporters boss Omoyele Sowore was seen as the forefront with the Area father Charles Oputa chanting the solidarity songs.

Thankfully, it was a peaceful protests that even the government had no choice but relate with. The acting President Yemi Osinbajo who addressed the nation via some tweets said "We hear you loud and clear"

Now while, Nigerians might not wake up this morning to the news of a reduced petrol price or the stability of the Naira, some Nigerians can still beat their chests to have benefited mightily from the street protest.

Those who marched only to see celebrities: Believe it or not, many of those who gathered at the stadium did not even understand the reason or cause of the protest; but on hearing that Davido would be there, they grabbed some cardboard and markers and brought themselves to the venue.

Those set of people have benefited,  well, Davido was not there, but at least, there were other stars at the venue.
For these set of people, it was a fulfilling day.

The street hawkers: Have you ever found a crowd without hawkers? Almost impossible... The Lacasera sellers, Gala sellers,  bottled water and even sachet waters. Some would even get Lian's and stock up to meet demands.
Without doubt, those set of people woke up today feeling good and counting their blessings.
For them, let the protest hold everyday.

The Pick pockets : Well,  that is the situation, whether or not we deny it. Some were there to snatch phones and pick wallets and they probably are smiling now too.

For every other person however, like those who crave for a better Nigeria,  guess we have to chill a bit... It's not our turn, but it will be.


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