Sunday, February 19, 2017

See Photos From Actress Regina Chukwu's BRIDAL SHOWER!

There is a popular saying about a bride looking her best on her wedding day, some would say "look good today or die trying". 

The joy of marriage actually radiates and brings out the beauty of every bride just as we can see on Regina Chukwu in these beautiful photos from her Bridal Shower, even though it's just a movie!
Yes, got you there. You actually thought Regina Chukwu was getting married?  No, not yet at least.
The actress is working on a movie titled BRIDAL SHOWER and the production team put up a real bridal shower to get a perfect effect. The decoration, the costume, the ladies, everything looked so real that for a moment even yours truly was fooled.
Regina Chukwu's bridal glow did nothing to help the situation... Lol. But it's all a movie and we can't wait to see it.


Unknown said...

Heyah...why do i feel sad. For a moment. I thought she was actually getting married.

Unknown said...

Hey!! Fantastic bridal shower arrangements. The dΓ©cor is simply astonishing. Bride looks pretty in pink colored dress. Want to throw my friend bridal shower. Going to book one of event venues for it. Need to have some elegant floral ideas.

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