Sunday, February 5, 2017

Senator Dino Melaye Damns The Recession: See His Customized N5million Vertu Phones!

When you own a phone that is worth the cost of a luxury car, you can't help but show off like Senator Dino Melaye is doing with his customized Vertu phones!
The Kogi Senator whose love for luxury is no longer new has not been able to help himself in the last couple of days, flaunting his mobile phones in his photos and calling our attention to the customized handset.
In case you haven't noticed,  Senator Melaye is not carrying a Samsung phone or an iPhone but a customized England made Vertu phone, with his name inscribed on it.
A Vertu phone is not your everyday smartphone, it is an uncommon brand that has been able to stand out because of its quite ridiculous price tag.
It is called the New Signature Touch and it's the latest luxury device from British brand Vertu. Despite the fierce competition in the smartphone world, this 5.2-inch phone separates itself from the pack with a whopping price tag.
From our findings, the New Signature Touch starts at£6,500, which roughly converts to$10,000 and AU$14,100.
Whoops! Let's make a quick calculation using our current exchange rate, that's a whopping 5million in Naira! Note that the Senator has two of these phones. 
Who wouldn't flaunt a 5million Naira phone, especially in this recession?

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