Friday, February 10, 2017

Seun Egbegbe looks trendy in designer shirt and handcuffs as he smiles to court...

CEO of Ebony films and other things Seun Egbegbe was finally arraigned in court today for his pending alleged crime of iPhone theft at the computer village several weeks ago.

The marketer who was reportedly caught red handed in the act could not appear in court on February 8 when he should have appeared as he was still in detention over a new case of fraud.

Seun Egbegbe was once again caught trying to obtain several 10million Naira in hard currencies from a mallam at the bureau de change market near Gbagada general hospital.

Seun Egbegbe was led in cuffs to the court with his accomplice and he was looking all smiles in his Louis Vuitton designer shirt.

The only thing that gave him out was his rough unkempt look and the handcuffs asides these, the actor was all smiles!

The Ogudu magistrate court charged him of a 36 count charge of Advance fee fraud.

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