Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Soldiers seize crippled man's wheelchair, drag him around and beat him to a pulp for wearing a Camo. (Video)

The viral video of a crippled man being maltreated by some Soldiers in Anambra state has left many Nigerians in a state of anger and bewilderment.

According to reports and the viral video, the crippled man was accosted by the soldiers for wearing a camouflage trouser; the video showed a soldier pull him off his wheelchair to the floor while the chair was thrown off.

All the pleas of the crippled man fell on deaf ears as the two power drunk soldiers descended on the man with whips, beating and dragging his crippled legs as the man wailed in pain.

Passersby could only watch in bewilderment as the crippled man was dealt with in this shocking manner. From experience, they knew better than interfering with a Soldier's 'work'.

The video has caused not a little stir on the internet as people can only think of this act as unjust and totally inhumane. How on earth would a security official punish a helpless cripple for wearing a camouflage? An attire probably given to him by a 'good Samaritan' or something he picked from the street.

This 'inhuman' act as tagged by many is not strange in the country as several images and videos of Soldiers misusing power.
Some comments even asked why the soldiers let celebrities like Wizkid, Mercy Aigbe and many others go free while a helpless, homeless crippled man was beaten to a pulp for the offense.
Many times when these complains go out, senior officers reply that the case would be looked into, but apparently, nothing is being done as the case increases daily.

No matter how hard we try to convince ourselves that the crippled man violated their rules, we can not help but remember the image of that helpless cripple as his lifeless legs dangled in the hands of the soldiers who dealt unfairly with him.
Yes, unfairly. He could have been warned. Who would help that man with ice cubes? No one... Now we can only think of the harms done by these men, the good forgotten...

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