Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Story Of Davido's Valentine's Day : A Must Read... (Photos)

Yes, rather than report this as news, yours truly would rather tell it as a story since it concerns a young innocent lady.
Davido obviously had a very beautiful Valentine's Day, spent with the love of his life, a beautiful young woman who was donned in the cutest of white dresses in celebration of the day.
Not stingy with his lavish cash, Davido had so much gifts to give to his Val, she received everything and gave him a gift too... A single gift that melted his heart! Her smile...
While enjoying the day, Davido's Val, peeped into Mr. Davido's pocket and peeping out of this pocket  was cash. Not a small amount, as OBO rarely deals with small money. 1000 Naira notes in bundles. The pretty lady grabbed the money with a smile but Davido was fast to grab back what belonged to him.
The next incident had me in shock. The young lady forgot her poise and began to cry. She started sobbing quietly then as she proceeded to wail,  Davido had compassion, gave her the pile of notes.
The transformation was instantaneous... She began to giggle. Oops! Every lady indeed loves money. She looked up at him with love in her eyes and O. B. O could not help but laugh at his daughter Imade Adeleke who just proved to him that she is 100% the daughter of her father!
Loves money already, you should see the way the cute little princess began counting her hard earned money... Lol

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