Tuesday, February 21, 2017

These Three Nuts Can Change Your Sex Life For Good!

I know some folks who eat tiger nuts in their dream! That's how much they love it, just as much as they love dates (known in this part as Debino).

While many love both, it's either one or the other for others. The third magic worker in this category is the coconut! How amazing that these three very popular, very cheap d very available commodities can give you something that could cost you not just money but relationships.

Deny it as much as you want, a relationship that has sexual relations as one if it's features can collapse in no time if that aspect of the relationship is not healthy or strong or enjoyable.
Well we have learnt from the source that taken together, these three ingredients are a great aphrodisiac, testimonies of users includes the clause that "it must not be taken by a single lady or guy" lest you grab what is not yours! That's how potent it is and very simple to prepare too.
Here, yours truly will take you through the process of making this magic aphrodisiac, thank me later.
Ingredients :
Tiger nuts
Dates (Debino)
Soak the tiger nuts and dates overnight, remove the seeds of the dates then blend all three ingredients together (coconuts and the soaked items)
Sieve, refrigerate and there, you have your milky, healthy aphrodisiac... Just a glassful at night and you're good to go!
Asides been an aphrodisiac, it is a very healthy combination. Just ask your Doctor!

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