Wednesday, February 8, 2017

This Injustice Has To Stop - Alex Ekubo Writes Open Letter To The Nigerian Army

The viral video of the maltreated cripple has caused ripples and stirs as every one who watched it has something to  say to the Nigerian Army for the gross act of injustice.

While many have placed harsh curses on the Soldiers involved, others have bemoaned the situation and called on the government for intervention. The truth is every one who watched was moved to tears,  except of course for soldiers who saw nothing wrong with the act.
Model and actor Alex Ekebo could not hide his anger and frustration after seeing the disturbing and upsetting video.
He grabbed his pen and penned an open letter to the Nigerian Army.
Sadly,  this is not the first time such occurrence would happen in the country, the Nigerian Army on many occasions have been tagged in these videos and images, which they have countless times promised to look into and curb.
Unfortunately, the trend goes on. Hope they get to read Alex's letter and really do something this time.

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