Friday, February 3, 2017

This Is Becoming Boring... Who's Lying Here, HNN Or Georgina?

When we say boring, it's for the lack of a better adjective as the matter between journalist Kemi Olunloyo known as HNN and actress Georgina Onuoha is becoming very annoying and frustrating by the minute.

Earlier today the actress informed everyone who cared to listen that she was on a mission to Ibadan to beat the snitch lady to a pulp for crossing her path.

She made it clear where she would be waiting for the 52 year old Omololu.
Not surprisingly, HNN called her bluff and dropped her own threats while telling everyone that she would be patiently waiting for the actress with her boys.

Hours later,  the actress informed that she had arrived at the location agreed on with some officials of the EFCC and some police men.
Madam KOO as she is also called did not appear at the location arguing that the actress lied about being in Ibadan.

Seriously, both ladies have been going back and forth all day, while their different supporters cheered them all.
KOO insists she got information about the actress' whereabouts and it wasn't Ibadan but Abuja.
Who is the liar here?

Is Olunloyo just a bully who gets scared when been bullied by others?
Or is Georgina just pulling the Journalist 'S legs to burst her bubbles?
Whatever this is, ladies,  we are tired. Do this and get it over with! We can't stalk you all day you know...

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