Friday, February 17, 2017

Toyin Abraham Bares It All : The Name Change, Love Life, Regrets And The Omoni Oboli Connection.

Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham has finally taken us on a ride into her life, not leaving out her beginning, her past and her success.

The actress who bared it all in a 16minute video on YouTube talked extensively on how she grew up from a very poor family to build a name and brand for herself.
The question and answer session revealed everything we ever wondered about on Toyin Abraham especially the reason for the sudden change of name.
According to Toyin, the decision was not hers but her family's. She revealed that Aimakhu was the ancestral name of her family while Abraham was her father's.
Her family had changed theirs two years ago, but conscious of her brand she had held on until she finally took the decision this year.
Talking on her beginning the talented actress that she was once a hawker on the street. She revealed how she hawked plantain chips to help her family meet the basic needs.
Without hiding, Toyin also told her fans that she doesn't live her life dwelling on regrets rather she acknowledges her mistakes, apologizes for them and move on without looking back
On her success story, the funny actress revealed the role played by Omoni Oboli in her life recently. She admits that her role in Okafors Law, aovie by Omoni Oboli has opened more doors for her and she is grateful for the privilege given to her by Omoni.
Toyin Abraham promises her fans to support 100 ardent followers before the end of the Year, but implores them to pray for her to hit big money so it would be possible.


Toluwabori Alabi said...

She has her ups and downs and known for her craziness but i just cant help but love her. I dig her .Toluwabori

Funmilola Abiola said...

I love her too.

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