Thursday, February 9, 2017

Toyin Aimakhu Versus Toyin Abraham, Who Is Your Favorite?

Several weeks ago, we all met Toyin Abraham, a young vibrant talented actress who is new but not new in the game. She introduced herself to us and we fell in love with her.

Her looks,  her acting prowess,  her charm and her humour endeared her to us and briefly we thought of another who looked like her but is not her.

Toyin Abraham is classy, slim, attractive, cautious and very stylish.  A single lady who has all the men drooling over her photos.
What is surprising yet not so surprising is her acting skills which is a total negation of the cautious lady who introduced herself to us on Instagram.

Again we remember another, so like Toyin Abraham, yet totally different There was a time our screen was dominated by one Toyin Aimakhu,  we loved her but chastised her often, we admired her skills but never agreed with her ways, she called herself sexy and we wondered if she had a mirror!

Today we have Toyin Abraham and we remember Toyin Aimakhu who has faded silently into the background and made way for this new, sexy,  classy, talented woman we now have.

We miss Toyin Aimakhu, well, a little bit, but we totally love and prefer Toyin Abraham!


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