Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Toyo Baby (Olayode Juliana) Is Unrecognizable In New Photo.

If you stumbled on this photo in a caption-less post, you probably would need an introduction to realize the face you are beholding is none other than Olayode Juliana's face, the newest sensation in Nollywood.

The actress known as 'Toyo-baby' whose fame began miraculously after her role in Funke Akindele's jenifa's diaries shared this new photo on her Instagram handle and we could not help but notice the great transformation.

We had to look twice and read the caption for a clue to be sure it was indeed Toyosi. The make up transformed the actress into an older version of herself, sophisticated, serious and stunning.

The actress who is also a singer and motivational speaker is known for lighter make up looks but according to her, she wanted something different; she got it! This is totally different from the Toyo baby we know.

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