Friday, February 17, 2017

Was Mercy Aigbe Ever A Dark Skinned Woman? A Fan Thinks She Became Fair Overnight!

An overzealous fan has taken a shot at actress and fashionista Mercy Aigbe and missed widely after several other fans gave her the response she was not expecting.

The actress shared a picture of herself on her page, Co actress Georgina Onuoha dropped a message on the post referring to Mercy as a 'strong black woman'.
Apparently, the definition of a 'black woman' to this fan is a woman with a dark skin. She dropped her own comment saying that Mercy had lost all rights to be called a black woman since she has bleached her skin and become light skinned! 
Well, she may be pardoned for that ignorant remark... 
But we can't help but wonder if Mercy Aigbe was ever a dark woman, you know, dark like Funke Akindele or Adediwura Black Gold? 
Trying hard to remember, but all we can remember was a time when there were no iPhones or filters, everyone looked dark, but now we have bad cameras with superb lighting that even Funke Akindele sometimes has to apologize for the bright qualities of her photos. 
While the bleachers know themselves, Mercy certainly isn't one of them. 
Maintain her skin?  Yes, she surely did that, but peel?  No. 

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Toluwabori Alabi said...

I am not sure Mercy has been as dark as Funke and co but hey! its no more news jor. Pple go one ,two or many shades fairer now. Even the ones who were born naturally fair skinned still goes more shade fairer.

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