Friday, February 3, 2017

Why We Think Maje Ayida Took His Time Before Springing On Toke Makinwa!

Radio girl and YouTube star Toke Makinwa released her best selling book 'On Becoming' in November 2016 weeks after her birthday and the release of the teaser.

The book On Becoming became an instant success as it elicited a good response from all readers across the nation. The most significant response it elicited was 'pity'.

Toke Makinwa was greatly pitied by her large fan base, every one struggled and hustled to get a copy of the book, many even had to settle with the pirated online copy.

Reading the book however and seeing how many times the name Maje appeared in the 14 chaptered book (about 340 times actually) one is forced to wonder if the man in question was comfortable with this expose either true or not.

Considering also that 'Anita Solomon' named the 'Other woman' in the 'tell all' is a barrister at law. One who knew the law and could advise the father of her son on the legal action to take.

Still Maje waited until the book went well into circulation, waited for Toke to launch and make big success and profit before making the big legal move.

Most likely, he needed only the best Attorney for the job and searched until he found one.
Many are saying, that Maje deliberately waited for Toke to reach a point of no return before making the move. It is a quite difficult task to ask that all books in circulation be withdrawn and burnt.

Others think that Maje wanted the author to make enough profit so he could swiftly pull the rug from under her.

Ultimately this would lead to dirty legal wars. Toke seems to be ready after all.
There would be battle, no doubt. Maje Ayida did not even settle for Nigerian Attorneys, he means business, and he waited three full months.


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