Tuesday, February 14, 2017

You won't believe the Nigerian celeb who is best of friends with Beyonce

Beyonce is an iconic figure and a legend in her own rights so much that even her colleagues worship the ground she treads on.

The singer is not only seen as a great singer but also a monumental one.
Many of Beyonce's colleagues in the industry even treasure a picture with her like rare stones, calling it a rare privilege to perform on the same stage with the Queen of Pop.

Now it is quite surprising that right here in our backyard, there is someone who is on daily speaking terms with Beyonce Carter.

Someone who Beyonce has her number on speed dial, someone who Beyonce would never forget her birthday.

Although our own celeb hinted at the intimacy, but we did not take her seriously considering so many factors.

Now we have no choice but to believe her after this post telling Beyonce to call her tomorrow on her number!

But wait, this really isn't a surprise, Kemi Omololu Olunloyo is actually friends with everyone in the world including Trump. Spit shouldn't be a surprise that she is Mrs Carter's best friend!

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