Saturday, March 18, 2017

"Davido Calls My Daughter By His Late Mother's First Name 'Vero'" Alleged Baby Mama Tells Her Story

Ayotomide Labinjo, the 26 year old lady who is allegedly the first baby mama of singer Davido has stepped forward stating that Davido is indeed the father of her daughter, three-year - old Aanuoluwapo who Davido calls Vero according to her.
We all know that Davido's late mom was Veronica Imade Adeleke.
Read her explanation as she revealed to Punch.

“In February 2013 , I met Davido at a club in Ibadan and he approached me and said he liked me. We became friends and got along . He only came to have a good time then . We left the club in his Range Rover Sports for a hotel around Challenge in Ibadan where we slept together. I left him there the following morning. Before then , I had no boyfriend so I was not used to going out but my friend invited me to the club that night."
“We only met twice in Ibadan and we slept together on both occasions . The third time I would see him again was when I and my mother went to his house in Lagos more than a year after the birth of the baby . He preferred to call me Enitan because that is my other name."
“When I told him I was pregnant at the end of March 2013 , he saiid I should keep it but the following morning, he blocked me from his Bbm . I could not reach him throughout the period I was pregnant . On each of the days we met in Ibadan , he had a police and three body guards with him."
“On the day the baby girl was being named , he added me again on his BBM and I sent him her pictures . He asked me what I wanted and I told him that he should take up the responsibility of the child . But he blocked me from his contact list again the next morning. We named the baby Aanuoluwapo but he preferred to call her Vero and anytime I asked for anything , he would embarrass me". _
“My mother was furious about his attitude so she wrote a letter to his father but he did not reply until our lawyer, the late Bamidele Aiku , wrote to him . That was when his father arranged for a DNA test and we went to Lagos for the test .”
However, the test showed that Davido isn't the dad. Labinjo and mum claim the test results were compromised."My daughter was called upstairs with Davido and the child . My daughter was left outside a door but out of curiosity, she opened the door and saw Davido giving lots of money to the doctor after his father had already paid for the DNA"
According to Ayotomide, all she wants is for Davido to take responsibility.

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