Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy Birthday To My Cheerleader Toluwabori Alabi!

We all have those people who would stop at nothing to see you excel at the little things you do. They push you so much that it feels like shoving sometimes. Tolu is one of them.

Before I began blogging, ordinary notes on Facebook, she'd cheer me the loudest.
A fierce lover of Labosonline.
Sometimes I feel so tired and I just want to sleep, but then I remember Tolu is waiting to read, I sit up and write.
I love you sister mine...

And today that marks another milestone in your life, I wish you everything bright, everything beautiful, everything meaningful, everything you wish for.

May your cup be full and may it overflow...

From the #Labosonline team, we say Happy Birthday Toluwabori Alabi.


N:B - Don't start to Jelox Tolu o!
Yes, I know I'd have to start doing shout outs Now... Not to worry y'all,  I'll do... 😁😁😁 I just had this planned out.

Notify me if you need a shout, gimme cute photos and we'll oblige. Much love 😍😍😍

1 comment:

Toluwabori Alabi said...

Yay!finally I have become a celeb. Yay. Thanks honey. I love any positive humble beginnings. I will support it and pray with you to grow it. Labos,you will surely grow. I love you dear.

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