Saturday, March 4, 2017

How Toyin Abraham Had 'Mercy' On Us In The Absence Of Mercy Aigbe!

To know if a person slayed for a particular event, just follow the hash tags of that event religiously, if the picture of that person assaults you every time you refresh, then that person either thrilled awesomely on the carpet or failed woefully!

It happened last year with Mercy Aigbe. Her AMVCA outfit was a success that kept on trending long after the event was over.
This year, Ms. Abraham caught us off guard in her excellent couture dress! Everything about that dress was a hit, yes, back to back!
From the colour, to the cut, to the design and to the wearer! Toyin Abraham was a vision and she carried herself perfectly like she was made to walk the red carpet.
Waiting for Mercy Aigbe actually got boring and when she ultimately announced that she had missed the show, all attention went back to those present at the show.
Toyin Abraham did not disappoint, she became the Belle of the ball.
So, Mercy was absent but Toyin's had Mercy on us in the absence of Mercy Aigbe!

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