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How The Wedding Party Grossed About 500Million in Less Than Two Months. [A Review ]

The Movie
The Wedding Party: Dozie (Bankole Wellington) and Dunni (Adesua Etomi) are getting married. They obviously love each other so much and despite their different cultural backgrounds, they have one thing in common: wealthy parents.

The Brides parents Tinu (Sola Sobowale) and Bamidele (Ali Baba) are a loving couple who have genuine love for each other. Dozie's parents however are the opposite. Obianuju (Ireti Doyle)  cares for no one but herself and her son. Her dislike for Dozie's choice of wife was evident in her ways.
She would rather have her son marry the likes of Toni (Beverly Naya) who we can call the evil ex! She even tried to bring them together on his wedding day.
Despite some initial hiccups at the bride's residence before the church ceremony, the wedding took place and Dunni was joined in matrimony with Dozie.
Then the Wedding Party.
Trouble began when Dunni found a pair of tongs in Dozie's breast pocket, as a virgin bride she was angry and almost annulled the wedding... Dozie, successfully wriggled out of the situation and with Harrison's (Frank Donga) input, they proceeded to the reception where Tinu (Dunni's mother) was already mourning.
It was indeed a colourful intra tribal wedding Party, with healthy doses of jealousy from both families. While the fathers Ali Baba and RMD were cool dads, the mothers were something else and could barely hide their animosity for each other.
Somehow, the Best man (Ikechukwu) turned out to be the opposite of Best... Issues arose from his big error, the issues led to a big conflict, a climax and an amazing resolution for all the parties.
The Review.
The movie which was shot in Lagos has a cast of amazing Nollywood actors and some comedians, then the induction if singer Banky W into the art of acting.
A one day event that spreads the message of love across other themes like Family values, Economic crisis and Intra tribal marriage.
Love was the dominant theme of the movie. The love between the Bamidele Cokers is enviable. They portray the fun loving happy family that most marriages dream to have.
Dozie and Dunni also love each other so much that Dozie who has the international repute of being a playboy becomes celibate for Dunni who is a virgin.
Family Values
It's the Uzunwa against the Cokers, ultimately it becomes wealth against love, surprisingly, love becomes priceless that even Uju Uzunwa wishes she could buy some with her money.
Chief Uzunwa (RMD)  happens to be a man who loves women, well, other women precisely, to the chagrin of his wife and to the detriment of his marriage.
Economic Crisis
Yes, the movie is a comedy but watching it and not realizing its satiric undertones would be watching it in vain.
Bamidele Coker to everyone is a wealthy oil magnate, whose wealth can never run dry but it was all a flux, his wealth had been affected by the economic situation and his status of wealth had become a past tense.
The thief who dressed up to steal at a wedding party with a toy gun was a graduate who studied for seven years and has been waiting for four years with no luck in the labour market. He holds everyone to ransom albeit for a very short while before the blows lands on him...
No movie has ever achieved the success achieved by The Wedding Party as far as casting is concerned. Let's talk about Deardre Winston (Daniella Down), she is one of the bridesmaid.
For the first time in Nollywood movies, the white actor actually could act! Obviously, The Crew of Wedding Party did not just go to China Town to find 'a white person' that ends up just moping around in the movie, frustrating the efforts of others. The way Deardre fought for the attention of Nonso Dozie's brother is quite hilarious but very real!
Yemisi (Somkele) every girl has a Yemisi in her life and if you don't, you should get a Yemisi. Period.
Dunni (Adesua Etomi) awesome character, awesome personality, with the right dose of everything. The typical virgin bride I call her...
Dozie (Banky W) for a man who has never really acted, this groom deserves an applause. Trust Kemi Adetiba to bring out the best in Banky.
Wonuola (Zainab Balogun)  The typical event planner who follows the rules to the letter, one of the many amazing 'fools' in the movie. From her hyper activeness, to her Britico accent, to her moves, Zainab killed her role.
The Duo of Bamidele and Tinuola Coker (Ali Baba and Sola Sobowale) we're amazing. Super amazing in fact.
Tinu was the perfect Ekiti mother, every Yoruba mother would relate with Tinu, it's been a while we saw the comic side of Sola Sobowale!
Every of her gesture was comical and real...
The Duo of Chief and Mrs Uzunwa (RMD and Ireti Doyle) perfect, wealthy, igbo business man. RMD never stopped discussing business! His wife? Cool, detached, uncaring... Well, until much later.
Ikechukwu the Best man who turned out to be a nightmare was superb. Excellent role interpreter.
Beverly Naya (Toni) happens to be Doxie's ex. May we not encounter such exes in our lives. Gosh, she even dated to look Chief Uzunwa in the face when caught in a compromising position with Dozie! But Yemisi dealt with her.
Frank Donga, Emma Oh My God,  Ay Makun...these comedians. They made things happen.
Other characters include Grace Egbagbe, Lepacious Bose and some few others.
The contributions of Harrison (Frank Donga) to every situation... Sentences like "Abi I should call my tailor" will have you laughing even in your sleep.
Sola Sobowale's mourning scene... You can't forget this scene in a rush, even if you tried.
The dance scene and the prayer scene were also highlights.
Costume and Props
Everything was real, was neat, was custom made for The Wedding Party. A wedding dress from Mai Atafo, souvenirs, food, costume, everything was real. In most movies, make believe is the watch word, but with Wedding Party, it almost became a reality.
Since the movie was released, I read reviews, let's call it raves about the movie. I wondered why all the reviews looked like accolades. From experience, I knew that most movies with giant publicity like The Wedding Party turn out to be 'just another movie'
I knew I was going to find something wrong, so I decided to watch it, armed with my "much ado about nothing" attitude.
I was wrong. Kemi Adetiba indeed proved herself with this one. Amazing directing, made the stars superstars, made them shine brighter. From her music videos, we knew she had it and she just proved it with this.
My best part of the movie: darling Yemisi served Toni with a heavy but neat slap... I went to heaven and returned.
Forgive me, but I found no fault. I almost wanted to dwell on the fact that The Best Man's suit was delivered to Shola who had to act as emergency best man because the real best man had an accident.
The suit and rings were delivered to Shola, a suit which would have been the same as the groom's (black) but Shola still wore the blue suit worn by all the other friends...
Well, we can forgive this.
Overall... It was indeed a wedding party and we know why it grossed that much in less than two months!
Movie: The Wedding Party 2017
Director: Kemi Adetiba
Produced by: Ebony films
Executive Producer : Mo Abudu

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