Friday, March 17, 2017

Labosonline Short Story : The Abortionist And His Client...( 2)

The sound of metal scared her and she trembled in d hot corridor. She had one choice - to flee without looking back.
"please come in" The man called and despite warnings from instinct and intuition, she stepped into the dimly lit room and waited.

"please remove your shoes, underpants and lie on this bed. . ." The man said without preamble. She stepped towards the bed, still clutching her little purse, stooped to unbuckle her sandals - just then, the purse vibrated in her hand again - she angrily dumped it on a hi stool by d bed and stooped again unbuckling and removing her sandals.

She stood barefooted and waited staring at 'the man' who stared back at her impatiently. . .
"what now?" she queried in a tiny voice that trembled.
"your pants, then lie on the bed." He said with practised patience, pointing to the long high cot that served as a bed.

She closed her eyes for a second, muttered a word of prayer then without further ado or pretense of modesty, she removed her pant and placed it on the stool by her purse. She noticed unconsciously that her phone had ceased ringing.

She carefully climbed the bed-'it was hard'-she noticed and mentally reminded herself to ask 'the man' what brand of mattress he had there! Loosing it? Ok!
She saw the man pick up a used glove and noticed as he slipped his right hand into it. He then picked one of those things dat looked like a spoon, or was it a fork? Whatever! He was coming to her! She made the sign of the cross.

"raise ur knees" he said touching her knees and looking serious in mockery of his dress code. . .she raised her knees and closed her eyes. . .then remembered somthing. . .

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