Monday, March 20, 2017

See Reactions To 'Risky' Photoshoot Of A Day Old Baby

 Nigerians are not finding the photo of a day old baby arranged in a womb like sac funny on the least.

The photo which is already trending on Instagram has a day old baby in a sac that probably gives the baby the impression that its still cuddled in its mothers womb.


Tied in the sac and held firmly by a branch, the photo oozes of creativity and aesthetics but also screams 'Risk'.

Nigerians think it is a creative but risky photo shoot. In this recent times, the length Nigerians and some photographers go to achieve beauty and creativity is quite alarming.
We have seen photos of a day old baby placed on risky surfaces wearing only their skin. Pre wedding photo shoots have also been taken to the extreme just to achieve what no one else has achieved.

The picture of this baby however looks kind of scary and risky in all its beautiful glory.
Check out what Nigerians think...

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