Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Seyi Edun, The New Lover Of Adeniyi Johnson Tells Her Side Of The Love Story.

Love is the only thing capable of bringing out the best and the worst out of every individual. The love story of Nollywood actors Seyi Edun (Shai) and Adeniyi Johnson has just proved this saying to be on point and totally true.
For a while now, there have been speculations, assumptions and rumours that there is a blooming love relationship between Seyi Edun and Adeniyi Johnson the ex husband of Toyin Abraham.
On many occasions, both parties have debunked the rumours and even called it work of the idle ones, sticking firmly to "we are just friends" story.
Friends turn lovers apparently, as Seyi Edun finally reveals that there is no fire without a smoke. She opened up that she had deliberately kept mute through it all waiting for the right time to tell her story.
Well, she did tell her story with a movie and while we are now rest assured that there is indeed a story, sadly we have to wait for the release of her Tell-all movie "Case Closed" where she talked about this issue.
Seyi told her story the best way known to her and we patiently await the unraveling of this mystery.

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