Thursday, March 30, 2017

Stella Damascus Gears Up For The Big Return To Nollywood!

If you were a fan of Nollywood movies some ten years ago, the name Stella Damasus should be very familiar to you. She was one of the few actresses who rocked our screen with perfect acting.

The beautiful actress was able to win hearts with not just her angelic innocent looks, but also with her dexterity when it comes to perfectly interpreting roles.
Back in those days, the duo of Richard Mofe Damijo RMD and Stella were our ideal Nollywood couple.
Despite her love for acting and her skills the actress disappeared from our screen after she relocated with her husband to the USA. Not only did we lose a talented actress to the Americans, we also lost a great movie Director Daniel Ademinokan.
However, curiosity got the better of yours truly and we could not help but ask Stella why she has left us without looking back.
A new video clip of Stella was responsible for jolting us out of our sleep. We were taken back in time to the days of 'WIDOW' ...hey, Stella can act.
Stella Damasus
In a chat with the actress and motivational speaker, we asked why she has decided not to entertain us with perfect acting in Nigeria anymore.
The gracious Stella replies that we have not seen the last of her.
According to her, her real fans are still out there and she wont let them down.
"I promise you'll see some works from me" she said.
We can't wait to see works from her. If you have not seen any of her works, please feel free to ask RMD who his favorite actress is.

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