Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Three Top Nollywood Divas Competing With Their Teenage Daughters.

Motherhood is a thing of pride, when you have a child who is your replica, the pride is doubled, now when you have colleagues with children as cute and as smart as yours the pride gives way for something else: competition!

Many mothers may like to disagree but the truth is mothers compete everyday. In church, school and everywhere. The popular mantra of every mother is: " I want to the best for my child" if we all want the best, who do we leave with the non best?

Mothers are always competing. Competition is good, it makes us strive but it becomes kinda bad when we leave our children susceptible to what we should protect them from.
There are three notable Nollywood celebs who have beautiful teenage daughters. The Love they have for their children is evident, and without being told, we know they want the best for these lovely ladies.

However, we think the exposure is over the board, especially with Iyabo Ojo and Mercy Aigbe Who both have sixteen year old daughters.
These young ladies have been so exposed that they are now dragging the celebrity status with their mothers, that is how popular they have become.

Mercy Aigbe and Michelle: Michelle is Mercy Aigbe's daughter from her first marriage and she has grown into a lovely young lady, very pretty and already with some modelling expertise, thanks to her mother who constantly pushes her to appear by her side on the social media.

Iyabo Ojo and Priscilla : Saying Iyabo Ojo loves her kids is like saying a blogger likes hot news! We know she does, in fact, she featured in a movie making her an actress and a celeb.

Omotola Jalade and Mimi: Omotola is another actress with a grown Beautiful daughter, although not one to constantly drag her children to her page except in anniversaries and special occasions, Omotola was still able to push her daughter into earning her first millions at a very young age.

While these ladies are grown and already in love with the social media, it would be a great thing of their mothers gave them some breathing space.
Priscy and Michelle are friends, no competition needed. Don't leave them susceptible to the dangers of this nation. Let them grow as their own pace...

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Unknown said...

I disagree with the word"competition". Because someone else is always showing off her daughter,i cant do same so they wont say i am competing. These r women who just enjoy these things. I have just one girl and i take lots of picutures of her n with her. Just say we no be celeb ...lol. ok ,look at the Jenner sisters. The Kadashians have put them out there since babies. Look wat they have become now. With no employment anywhere n entertainment cashing in daily,i dont blame these mothers oo. I will only advice they at the same time never stop being good mothers to their girls so that the girls wont thread the wrong path.

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