Wednesday, April 19, 2017

"We were praying and speaking in tongues" Twitter user recounts how disaster was averted today on a Lagos bound flight.


A twitter user Oriaku has recounted how her life and that of tens of other passengers aboard an Aero Contractor flight was saved today miraculously.

According to the reports, the passengers had settled into the plane and the plane had barely taken off when the heavy smoke filled the plane.
She recounted that the blades of the airplane were sparking seriously and passengers could not see each other anymore due to the heavy smoke.

Fear filled the flight as passengers began to scream, pray and speak in tongues praying that the cup would pass over them.
A short video of the incidence showed a smoke filled plane with faces that could barely be seen, but the prayers could be heard loudly and clearly as fear of the unknown gripped the passengers.

According to Oriaku the cabin crew were of no help as they told them to use a wet hanky if they could not breathe anymore...
"I'm just happy to be alive" she said commenting that some are already talking of taking legal actions against the airline.


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