Wednesday, May 17, 2017

It is not over; See Oba Akiolu's reaction to the Ooni of Ife at Obasanjo's son's wedding.

The issue between two of Yoruba's greatest monarchs the Ooni of Ife and OBA Akiolu of Lagos might be far from over if the new footage from the marriage of former President Obasanjo's son over the weekend is anything to go by.

Oba Akiolu and the Ooni were among the he dignitaries who graced the colorful event with the heir royal presence and it seems it was their first encounter since the public snubbing incidence.

The highlight of their meeting happened when Royal fathers were called upon for photographs with the couple, as expected, all eyes were on the two Kings. All cameras were focused on them waiting to capture whatever would pass on between them.

In his usual humble way, the Ooni if Ife was amongst the first royals to rise and wait for the others to join.
Interestingly, King Akiolu mounted the stage and outrightly looked away, the Ooni of Ife who was standing by his wife only smiled and shrugged it off.
People are bound to say the Oba of Lagos was not warned enough especially after the fire incidence at his residence.
This time, there was no 'inu mi, inu e' greeting! Or did we miss it?


Ebony May said...

That your Lagos oba is very rude and mannerless. Agbaya ni won fa.

Unknown said...

Ija agba meji

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