Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The gods Are Charging Their Phones In His Palace - Nigerians React To Fire Outbreak At Akiolu Of Lagos's Bedroom

Nigerians are known to always show the funniest reactions to news especially a trending one or story that had caused a lot of controversy in recent times.
Just last week the viral video of Oba Akiolu seemingly disrespectful to a greater monarch the Ooni of Ife went viral and the anger displayed at the 'effrontery' of Oba Akiolu the Lagos King made the reaction of today's event an expected one.
After the release of the video, many outrightly pointed out that the god of thunder Shango would not take it easy with Akiolu for 'spitting' on the ancient throne of Ife.
Consequently, the palace of Ile Ife charged Akiolu to apologize lest the gods were invoked on him but the Lagos palace argued that the greeting was not a disrespect but a culture and the Lagos way of life...
Alas, the gods have visited the Palace of the Akiolu and angrily so too, well, that is what Nigerians think after Oba Akiolu's palace went up in flames this afternoon. Some said Shango the god of lightening had come to charge his phone in Akiolu's palace and he needed real fire not electricity.
See video here...

The comments will keep you rolling...
Many urged Oba Rilwan Akiolu to go and prostrate to stop the wrath of the gods.

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