Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Wedding Party Is Back, But Without Kemi Adetiba.

The Wedding Party is trending again and this time, it is the pleasant surprise that a sequel of the very hilarious movie is the works that has kept the internet buzzing.
Although there had been rumours via a couple of tweets that Wedding Party has a sequel, the Executive producer herself No Abudu of Ebony Life TV dropped the news this morning informing all that shooting had already commenced.
Cast and crew of the movie have also been posting all day and talking about how exciting the second part of the movie would be.

Surprisingly, the Director of the first part Kemi Adetiba has been mute in the midst of all the frenzy. The extraordinary director posted a number of other stuffs on her page but absolutely nothing about The Wedding Party and its return!
It could be recalled that not only did the movie get much accolades, it also broke all existing box office records leaving it as the most successful Nigeria movie. This success cannot be separates from the work of the Director.
Kemi Adetiba
One would feel it was just normal for Kemi Adetiba to return as the director not a new one Niyi Akinmolaran.
While we don't want to look for trouble where there is probably none, the whole thing still leaves one curious: why is the Wedding Party using a new director? Is Kemi Adetiba cool with the change? Why isn't she cheering the cast and crew like all others? Is she out of the game?
Many questions we want answers to, hoping there would be a discourse on this soon.

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