Friday, June 23, 2017

Range Rovers, Hermes Bags, Gucci Wears: Toke Makinwa Finally Becomes!

To say Toke Makinwa is living the life of her dreams would be stating the obvious: Range Rovers, Hermes Bags, Globe trotting, Designer wears, daily makeovers,  and a bank account that makes you sigh with relief!

Yes she is indeed living the life. But if she had known that her marriage failure would open the door to the road she now walks, she probably would not have shed so much tears for that failure.

Today, Toke Makinwa leaves us drooling on her page as we stare at her well contoured face, her well lighted photos and her wardrobe.

The radio girl and best seller is presently in South Africa for another media tour and all we see is how she keeps slaying!
Well, we can't help but admire and envy the woman she has become since the publication of 'On Becoming'.
Go Toke, go!

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