Thursday, June 22, 2017

To The Men I Once Loved - La'bos (Poetry)

"My mama say baby careful, if anybody come to say I love you..."
No, her mama did not say that to her
Hence she was not careful
She loved carelessly,
And was loved carelessly!

A Romantic fool, with little caution
Embarked on a journey to love
Wearing her heart openly like a jacket.

Her first love was her first love
Even though her heart has never agreed
Her mind knows its true
Cos she shed a tear or two, when the end came.

To the first man she loved
She was young, yet not a fool
For she remembers you well
Even to the little crack in your even white teeth.

She needed a family, in a strange land full of family
You were the shield she ran to each time it rained

You did your best,
But they came between you
Those friends who were really not friends
You tried - both of you, but they damaged you
And her heart was already roaming.

You were the fair one she called Treasure
The end came, you parted ways
With a promise, that you both keep till date.

Her eyes clouded, but the rain did not fall
A miracle, considering how much tears
She has cried since then

Dear Treasure, yes, she loved you
But not with know.

Then she moved
And with one giant step fell into
The embrace of another
The one she now calls 'The Sledge Hammer' guy
The one she actually dreamed of
The one she loved - with ALL

He slapped her right cheek
The pain still rings today
Yet she turned the left cheek
Then he used the sledge hammer!.

Bruised, battered, she could only think of the good times, and your 'gentle' smile
Alone, with you gone, she never stopped remembering the first time you kissed.

She loved you - or the idea of you
Really not sure
But it took her two whole years to wake up
From her slumber, and realize you were gone - forever - (minus one day)

Two years, then she moved
25! Ready but not desperate
She gave it a shot and who did she love?
Let's call him - Him.
He brought her out of the pit of mourning
Where she hid for two years

For Him she removed her sack clothes
And donned colorful garments
Ready to paint it red or blue with him!
Her youth in her hand lest it slips away.

Not love at first sight she maintains
Lest you call it mere attraction
But she grew to love this wild spirit
Who loves himself too much and needs no more love!

He was the one she would gladly take a bullet for.
The one she would lie for, kill for and write for.
Alas, it ended - not abruptly, abrupt is fine...
But in chapters.

It ended in chapters
Sipping gently on the remains of her youth
Lapping quietly on her sanity
And rendering her immobile
Yet it ended, joining the statistic of the roads she walked.

Her greatest love - yet
Her toughest love - yes
Her saddest love
Left her with beautiful scars!

Done dusted
Hey lovers, she loved you.
But she's done
And tonight, she weds another
The one she'll love forever.

La'bos ©
(From 'My Beautiful Scar' series)
June 12 2017

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