Saturday, April 28, 2018

Karma Just Dealt With Iya Ologede, And I Was There!


Karma is a Bitch...
I can testify.

I don't intend to gloat o, but I sha must talk.
About three Sundays ago, after Church service, I bought plantain from the woman selling outside my street, a bunch at 400N, I gave her a thousand Naira and she begged me to go, saying her daughter would bring my balance of N600.

I told her not to worry cos I remembered a day she made similar statement, I didn't see her daughter and I had to go myself... She told me she had used my money, apologized and promised to refund me the next day.... No P.

This time however, I didn't see the daughter and I didn't go out again that Sunday evening, by the next day, I had totally forgotten about it! N600 fa!

By the time I remembered, it was Wednesday and I already knew my money had travelled on a journey of no return just like the first time.
Still I went to her and asked, needless to say, I got another 'half' shock when Iya Ologede said she wasn't owing me, according to her, she didn't even see me on Sunday, in fact she couldn't remember if she sold any plantains on Sunday.

My mouth and my jaw were fighting for residence around my neck by the time she finished her speech... I looked at her, looked at the rotten plantains and smiled, told her 'sorry' and left.

The thing pained me but I let it go. I increased the tempo of my 'Ekaaro' and 'Ekaasan' after then so she wouldn't think I held a grudge... Well, I did hold a grudge! N600 worth of grudge.

So, jejely, I was entering the street now, like now now, some minutes ago and she called me, in my mind I was rehearsing how to reject the N600 and tell her to sin no more but she shocked me... 'half' a shock!

She needs about 15K to go get some plantain and wants me to be the Samaritan to give her a loan, as La'bos Microfinance!

I almost laughed but I cautioned myself and simply told her I was stranded too... "I don't have 15K" I told her and she goes "10 nko?"
It was doing me to give her the reply on my lips but the good girl in me, trained by Iya Niyi stopped me! I simply told her No and left...
I got in and felt bad, like boya maybe I should goan give her small change but who am I to tamper with fate and karma!? As in who I be?

Be not be governed by money...

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