Saturday, April 28, 2018

My first encounter with fear! Tale of The Dangling something...

Royal Comprehensive College, 2000...
It was a very sunny afternoon and after walking for about twenty minutes, I was already regretting using my tfare to buy Zobo drink!
The sun was frying my brain and I was walking alone...nobody else bought Zobo with their tfare!

Tired and sweaty, I decided to go by a 'short cut', particularly because that road was always cool, come rain, come shine.
I silently prayed that Adebori would not see me since I would be passing by his house.

I had walked into the isolated bushy path by Adebori's house when I noticed a lone man standing by the bush, I looked behind me, nobody was coming, and nobody was going before me...not really strange.
Then I looked at the lone man again, why was he not moving and why was he unzipping his 'trauzis'!

My heart leapt to my mouth, the tiny hairs on my legs stood steps faltered as I debated moving on or turning back and running, he looked at me, then turned away.
I had barely taken two more steps when I saw that the man had 'unparked' his dangling something... Maybe he wanted to weewee!

I continued walking, looked up to see if Adebori was out, by then I wouldn't mind seeing I dropped my gaze, my eyes fell on the man, he was shaking the 'dangling something' vigorously and I was so close to him already... He turned, still holding his erm...something and I lost it!

I screamed! My skirt was tiny and wasn't sewn for a relay, so I pulled it up, and took to my heels, back to where I was coming from screaming as I went, my school bag running after me...not once did I look back. I only ran, screamed and wailed until I got back to the road I came from.

There, I met people who stopped me in my crazy race: "Omo Royal kilo sele?" They asked me, and breathing with all the parts of my body, tears in my eyes, dust on my lips, I told them a man wanted to rape me!



Why I remembered this after seventeen years? I saw a man today, he 'weeweed' and began the ritual of danglingπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ sharply, my mind went back to that incidence and I laughed...

No one told me it was a ritual back then!
Now I wish I saw the man's face as I flew away on my tiny legs...his mouth would have been opened wide - definitely!



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