Saturday, April 28, 2018

To The Man I Love With Half My Heart ♥

To the man I love with half my heart…
Tonight I give you a thought as the year drifts away just as we have drifted away from each other.
I think of all you are and all you are not, and my eyes are swimming in sad tears of regret.

If love were magic, your love would have healed me of all hidden infirmities, cleansed me of all impurities and made me the wealthiest woman there is!
With every word you uttered, I heard love… With every gesture, I saw love, I felt love! Love that would speak for itself even if you were dumb!
Love that would have polished me had I allowed it… But I didn’t
You loved me all the way and I couldn’t even meet you half way!
Who writes our stories? Wish we had a say in the lines and dialogues…
I hate to call you ‘John’ tonight, but you deserve to know Dear John; that tonight, I fall half in love with you… I see you with my third eye and know you’ll always be in my life and in my story.
If only half my heart was enough…but it is not!
To the man I love with half my heart… Thank you for crossing my path…
I love you even though I’m not in Love with you…and today, I promise to Smile For YOU even when I’m sad!

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