Saturday, April 28, 2018

When The Walks Started (End)

I stepped into the street, it was around 5:30pm. I kept laughing sadly and thinking how I would walk all the way from 'Point of Health' in Ayo Alabi, Oke Ira to Ayobo!

Then I took the first step...On my heels.
I knew the route well. I began to walk.

At first I was singing... I do that a lot when I'm needing a miracle and that day I was actually expecting something to happen.

When I got to Ogba, I was I had only just started. I was hungry. My legs were throbbing.
I stayed at the bus stop for some minutes looking around to see if I could see a nice face.

Maybe I'd summon the courage to say "Good evening Bro, please help me, actually, I am going to Ayobo...'' Lol. I saw many nice faces, but how could I start begging for alms? Ah, Emi La'

I resumed walking...Ogba to Agege was next...and I was still cat walking...( A miracle) the songs on
 my lips were fading gradually.

I got to Agege...and those were the easy roads. Now I needed to walk Agege- Iyana Ipaja!
It was dark.
I was tired.
The songs had stopped. Replaced by weeping.
I was crying as I walked. Not because I was walking, but because my baby was in the house, probably hungry by now... My mom was calling, I didn't answer.

Then I missed the route...I was trying to go by a 'short cut', I found myself back at Pen Cinema!
I removed my shoes...(who remembers Alaran, that actor...hes dead now sha) I held my shoes, and And by now I was really was almost 9pm! And I had just wasted one hour of trekking!

It was past 9pm when I got to Iyana Ipaja. I went to a Mobil petrol station, I was not hungry anymore, I was thirsty! I was dry... I saw a lady open a bottle of Pepsi, we drank it together...cos I didn't take my eyes off her!

I told myself that 'Iku lo sure ju bayi'
I rested for about ten minutes...guys were walking up to me "Hi name is Sylvester"
I remember telling one "igba yen wa n ko?" and I began to cry 😂 still can't forget the look the guy gave me before he vamoosed

I got up again at about 9:30! My phone didn't stop ringing so I switched it off as I began the longest of the walks! Iyana Ipaja to Ayobo!
I had stopped crying. I was dangling the shoes, my bag held firmly by my side as I dragged my heavy body...

I was thinking of many things...and I was smiling...sadly.
I got to Gate bustop...I was like 45minutes away from the house...but I needed to rest again and I did.

Then with one final push, I walked all the way to my father's baby was sleeping but at the sound of my voice, she woke up crying...I picked her up.
My mother was waiting and the first thing she said was: "Bose, o fe se rin ni" I nodded and she began to cry...

Well, I slept heavily and woke up the next day to go to work again. (Never mind the aches)

That was not the last time I walked, there was a complete week that I was walking home!

Let's end here for now...(I'm feeling bakanbakan)lol
Thanks for reading...

By the way, I think I have nice teeth😂😜


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