Saturday, April 28, 2018

When The Walks Started... (Part 1)

It was a new year. 2015. My expectations were high. I was very optimistic. My ex had just married a week before and I was ready to move on with life...heavy heart and all!
My ever present Aunty helped me with a job info and I grabbed the opportunity without blinking.

She sent details of the office, it was somewhere in Ogba, Oke IRA to be precise. Although I didn't know what the job would entail, I grabbed the only office dress I had, my chest was heavy, and I tried to make it look smaller so no one would guess I was nursing...(lol)

Luckily for me, I looked fine, my sister had helped me with my hair... you wouldn't know that just two months before, I just left Sagamu where I had slaved for forty days in a hotel. (Think I already told you that)

So, armed with a brain that has failed to die and a CV I didn't have cash to update, I left Ayobo (please, you really need to know Ayobo o...) for Ayo Alabi in Oke IRA, Ogba!

The street couldn't be missed, so with no difficulty, I got there, only to see a huge sign on the building "Point Of Health"- then I saw those signs that made it clear that I was in a hospital!

My eyes welled with tears and I looked at myself and the envelope that had my CV... Os courfe, the CV dey OK, but nothing was 'medicinal' in that CV!
From a hotel to a hospital! I would definitely be a cleaner here -

I called 'Aunty' and with a voice heavy with disappointment I told her I was 'there'...before I could tell her what I was thinking, she told me to go upstairs, " the office you're going is upstairs."

I sighed with relief and went 'upstairs' to the office I had being directed to. A 'softsell' magazine with an online platform.

Without radarada, I was asked to write...guess the topic.
"Your first impression of this place"

I wowed even myself...I was employed.
Pay: 35K monthly
I was to start immediately!

(To be continued when I finish drinking this Fanta)

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