Monday, May 7, 2018

Alagba Gabriel Bamidele: I Have Something To Say...

My dear Daddy
The one we call 'Baba Bose' is 70 and I am a bundle of mixed emotions.

My father, my number one fan... The one with the ready smile and wit is 70 today and my heart is a well of joy tinged with some pain.

I have known you for over three decades and I must say it's being awesome...
Your sense of humour, your carefree nature, your popular slang 'No problem' became our everyday chant.

Even when a slight shove pushed you from grace to grass, your 'Grace' didn't die! You embraced life with the same 'No Problem' attitude... It almost became a problem to hear you say those words...

You cared for us! Yes you did! With your time, your resources the way you knew how to...
You loved this girl in particular and it showed. Even when I disappointed you, your arms never locked me out.

Everytime I thought I had disappointed you, you told me it didn't matter... You used the word 'Love' freely and many times saved me from myself.

I wish I had sat down with you before it turned bad,  when you would have understood me clearly and fully.
That you mean so much.
That every muscle you have pulled in the past matters.
That every penny you spent on us did not waste.
That every sweat that broke out is appreciated.

Daddy you are 70 today... Oh how you looked forward to this day... Hoping there'd be balloons and ribbons and gaiety... But today we had to remind you and my heart broke as you only smiled in half understanding telling me the only thing you wanted.

By hook or crook, I'll get it... That thing you want, today not tomorrow... We'll watch you smile happily and pray that God spares you!

Sadly, you won't read this... You can't...
You would have done so with that your happy smile. Enunciating each words poetically, with your heart bursting with pride, relishing every word and saving it in memory... But you can't!
Still I save it here forever!

This is my prayer for you Alagba...
The Lord your God will hold your hand and walk with you through the rest of your days!

You won't walk alone...
And when the time comes for you to meet your Heavenly Father, You will be ready.

I Love You Daddy!
We do...
The Kids of your loins and the ones from our loins!
My heart is breaking, but it is fine!

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