Thursday, May 31, 2018

I Resigned... And I Can't Get Over It!

On a typical Wednesday morning, I wake up as early as possible, clear my head, sit up or continue to lie down and update all the sites I work for.
I do not have to move so much limbs, I don't have to struggle with Lagos traffic or sun, all I need is a well charged phone, my power bank and a good internet connection.

Very simple right? Not so fast...

I have done this every day for close to two years, never breaking transmission. Many have said I'm addicted to my phone... Bike riders have cursed at me for using my phone on the road, "Weere! Phone lo n te... Alakoba" they would shout at me, and I would smile like an idiot in apology for almost causing an accident and immediately, return to 'pressing' my phone! Who knows if Wizkid and Tiwa Savage were already kissing! (I hate to be off Instagram)

Yes, that is the life I have lived for a while now. I work for 24 hours! Yes 24 hours 7 days! Well,  I get to close my eyes for a maximum of four hours in a day but even then, I'm dreaming of Davido, Chioma, Donald Trump, Dino Melaye, Tonto Dikeh, Buhari, Bobrisky and all these strangers who have taken over my life!
So basically, it's 24 hours every day!

Then I got other jobs, man must survive, responsibilities everywhere, I grabbed more jobs, work like a slave, my right thumb is numb from pressing phone with one finger... I literally feel my blood drying up for I am always working even while my phone is plugged! (See why I'm dry)

Man! I work so hard!

Yesterday, Wednesday, May 30, I dropped my phone at 2:50am... Closed my eyes, relaxed my nerves, felt the blood flowing and I slept...
Three hours later, I was awake, thanks to my alarm, I grabbed my phone and I stared at it for two hours... I AM NOT KIDDING YOU.
I was tired, I was blank... I did not want to work... I couldn't.

A particular job had choked me so much that just thinking about it is tiring. What I get from this job monthly will conveniently pay all my utility bills, stock my home with food, in fact, I could still remove monthly house rent (But Bukata will not let me be great 😔) ... I have had it for about five months.

Yesterday however, I was too tired. To work. At All. I wanted to sleep. For 48hrs.

So I navigated to Yahoo mail, drafted a short resignation letter to say 'I Quit'.
I sent it and began to cry!
Wait, what have I done?
It was not just stupid, it was unprofessional... Yes it was a freelance job, still...

I mentally calculated the rest of my salary, did some additions and subtractions and knew I had made the wrong move...
I should at least have waited, leave the site blank for a few hours if I must, but not resign!

I checked to see if the message had been delivered... Yeah, straight to my boss' inbox.

Great. Just great... Minus that salary!

All day, I was a picture of gloom as figures kept flying in my head! Fractions, Algebras, Quantitative Reasoning... Everything I hated in school.

Then the beep from Yahoo came in many hours later... No, I will not open. And I did not.
I already composed the response in my head and it ended with "It was nice working with you, good luck in your future..." bla bla bla...

This morning however, I decided to open the message, to see if he mentioned anything that needed my urgent attention and I was dazed.

"This is a sad news... I can't accept this...I understand if you need some few days off but No, you can't leave me in this position...please do have a rethink"

Need I say more... My letter was refused.

I composed some gibberish and long story short, I didn't lose the job.

Here, I should say something like "The moral of the story..." Nah, I'm not a motivational speaker but I know there are loads of morals in this story, I am holding on to two, adding it to my bulk of experience...

Las las, we go dey OK! 😂


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Anonymous said...

Hello Bose, I have a writing job for you. Send me am email here and I'll brief you. Thanks

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