Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Poetry : Table For Two!

A world ago, timeless ages I mean...
There were two black birds.
Friends from times past.
Everyone's heard of them, some even knew their names.

Like all birds, the two black birds loved to fly...
To great mountains, to tall trees,
Together at all times,
Nothing would make them stop.
I'm sure you've heard of them.

The two black birds took off one day,
To a high wall,
On a way that leads to Babel...
One flew high and settled on the high wall,
waiting for the other...
If only I can remember their names.

Waiting on the high wall,
The lone black bird prepared to meet the other who was soaring smoothly to the high wall...
Cackling in great anticipation and beckoning in eagerness.
Now you remember them, I'm sure!

The high wall didn't grow higher.
Cos Babel didn't grow further...
Yet the soaring black bird could not reach its mate.
The waiting bird cackled louder, yet, our friend could not land on the wall.
Please tell me their names now...

The table had bn set for two.
But there was only one.

A friend in need...

So Peter flew away from the wall to join Soaring Paul who couldn't land...

Then came back two black birds, hand in hand to sit on the wall.

La'bos ©

July 2011

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