Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Tribute To My Oldest Knicker... (A 'Useless' Yet Meaningful Poem)

Eight Years ago I met you.
You were embracing a mannequin's thighs tightly.
I envied the mannequin and coveted you for myself.
I had many problems, but my purse had none.
Coins exchanged hands, I pulled you off the mannequin and you became mine.

Lo, you didn't embrace my thighs as tightly...
My thighs weren't so bulky
Yet the coarse feeling of you touching my bony thighs, gave me the satisfaction I needed.

For the first time in years, I dumped my skirt as I prepared for 25!
You were my first sacrifice as I found that love... Who would rather see me that way.
I cut the cake, you took the crumbs...

Dear Knicker, you weren't born short
You were born tall.
As tall as they come...
You had lived with me for three years still my heart held on to you, my way of holding on to the love that had since gone.

You went out of style and your height became useless...
I brought you back to style with my scissors and life started afresh.

Through tall and short, you've been with me for 8 years.
Not a hair of your head has turned grey
Your gait is still healthy and wrinkle has failed to touch you.

Yet I must let you go.
It is time.
You have served.
We made memories
Not all perfect...
But pictures don't have to be perfect for memories to be beautiful!

I love you, but I have found love and faith and hope...
Holding on to you is now useless!

Go in peace.
If there is a heaven for your likes, you'd be a candidate.

La'bos ❤

1 comment:

Tola Belva said...

Too hilarious! Super creative!😍👏
I'm sure your dear knicker is looking down from heaven and smiling right now!

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