Monday, February 25, 2019

Eve : A Tale Of Deep, Dirty Secrets (1)

Eve was walking slowly, she had seen him and it infuriated her. He was waiting for her, she knew... She hissed and frowned at the wasted efforts, the snakelike sound would not reach him.

She looked up and their eyes met, he was smiling, she couldn't say if his mouth was opened, it was hard to make out his teeth, except they were as black as his face. The smile was annoying, like it had a hidden meaning, like they were lovers! He was leaning against the wall, his effort to look regal made him look like a pimped lizard.

What effrontery!
Eve increased her pace, determined to walk past without sparing him a glance, she was angry. This time, she would not even use her phone as a getaway...

Her determination did not only show on her face, they showed in her legs, you would mistake her for a warfront returnee.

Unwittingly, she looked up again, this time she saw his teeth and yes they were black, well not black black, but black all the same, her insides turned, she felt bile rise to her throat and to her mouth, deliberately, she spat and walked past him. She did not look back. She did not need to, she felt his eyes peeling off her clothes, she felt his naked hungry eyes feasting on her as she strode away, then she heard his voice.

"T'emi lo ma se last" (In the end, you will be mine)

In that instant, her imagination ran wild, she imagined herself naked on dirty colourless sheets and saw his sweaty naked body pressing her down... That was it.

Eve stopped in the middle of the dusty road,  her hands to her stomach as she retched continuously until she was empty, purged of the fried Plantain she had minutes before, purged of the small bottle of Fanta that washed it down, purged of the dirty imagination.

She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, stood up straight, looked back. He was still there, looking at her, the smile gone, replaced with a look that was hard to recognize but she recognized it and it turned her insides again, this time, in fear. She saw anger.

Eve walked away.

To Be Continued.

(Spontaneous Fiction)

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