Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Eve. A Tale of Deep, Dirty Secrets (4)

She couldn't cry.
Tears was not the solution. Tears would only muddle her thoughts and render her stupid.
She had tore the papers in her moment of anger, frustration and confusion... All three papers.

The single word still stand before her eyes. "Positive"
How could it be?
How could it be positive?
She had spent all the money in the secret black bag just to be sure the first test wasn't a mistake.

She did three more and didn't bother waiting for one of the results.
How could she be pregnant?

No husband.
No boyfriend.
Four years of being single.
And she hadn't even seen Angel Gabriel in her dream to warn her of Jesus' reincarnation and that her womb would be the passage.

Eve sighed heavily.
She had three hours to be alone before Eno returned from school.
There was nothing to do. No thoughts in her head. She felt blank.
She had been dealing with a blank memory and funny images for close to three weeks.
Then, there is the psycho who somehow has a compromising photo of her.
Now, she was pregnant without having had any sexual relations with any man.
She laughed. A dry ugly laugh.

She felt like singing.
She felt like dancing, like throwing her hands up in the air.
She felt like killing herself.
Most importantly, she felt like waking up from the long black dream.
She didn't let the tears flow.

Music should calm her.
Eve picked up her phone and navigated quickly to music.
She shuffled the songs and dropped the phone as the first song came on... It was a gospel song, She wasn't feeling so 'gospel' at the moment but she closed her eyes, laid on her back and in a moment she felt all 'gospel' as the music played on.

The music ended in under five minutes, with her eyes still closed, Eve prayed the next song would be another gospel song!
How she missed music.
How come she hadn't listened to any song in close to three weeks?

The next song came on, it was her voice...
A recording of her voice.
The song she was singing was strange to her, she had no idea when she composed it.

She frowned and listened on... She was walking, she detected that from the way her voice sounded heavy and her breathing laboured...

Her frown deepened into a scowl as something triggered her memory... The song...

"Bawo ni?" (How are you?) Someone had interrupted her recording!
Eve jumped up but didn't touch the phone.
"So o le korin bayi?" (you sing so well)
Now, Eve picked up the phone and held it closer. Her heart was thumping so loudly and affecting the volume of the recording.

She had no problem recognizing the voice, but she had no idea how and when his voice got into her phone.

"Kilode to ju e le bayi?"  (Why are you frowning?)
The voice said, it sounded like he was walking too... Probably following her.
"Please don't follow me" She screamed back at him and in her head, she saw herself turn around to glare at him...

Eve dropped her phone even as the phone talked on.

She turned around and he was smiling, ever so lightly, he had touched her hand and without hesitation, she had followed him into the house...

The phone played on, but Eve listened no more as memories came rushing!
She entered the room an stood, unsure of what to do.
He had laughed and pulled her to the bed.
An unkempt bed.
She sat and looked up at him
"Kiloruko e?" (What is your name?)
He had asked.
She had told him...
"Ah... Eefa..." he laughed
He began to unbutton his shirt, then he stopped...
"Wa help me now"
He had said and without hesitation, she rose and began to unbutton his shirt...



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