Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Eve. A Tale of Deep, Dirty Secrets (End)

Her phone was still playing. Tears of anguish and pain flowed...
She had been violated in an outrageous way.
The sounds now coming from her phone made her insides turn, her hands flew to her mouth.
She should turn it off but she endured and let it play.

She closed her eyes and again, she was in that room.
Naked on the bed. Her eyes blank.
He was by the bed, looking down at her with an ugly satisfied smile.
Suddenly, he reached for his phone and made her strike a pose on the bed, without a stitch of clothing on.

He took shot after shot and finally dropped the phone.
He approached her again and Eve flinched as his hands reached for her - again.


Now, Eve took her phone, she didn't need to hear anymore.
She knew.
Her bladder reminded her that she had more to deal with.
Eve cried.
She wept until she lost her voice.
Nausea gripped her, she ran to the bathroom and threw up until she felt her intestines coming up with bile.

She opened all the taps, sat on the floor in the bathroom and wept again.
Her head was pounding.

What evil!
What atrocity!
Why her?

Was it not enough that she had been raped seven years ago by someone she trusted??
Was it not enough that she was raising a fatherless child?
Was it not enough that she had stayed away from men after a serious HeartBreak four years ago?
Was it not enough that she had the worries of the whole world on her shoulders already?

Why did this diabolical pervert choose her?
Why had God allowed this to Happen to her?

Spent now.
Eve rose and realized it was almost time to go pick her daughter Eno.

She had something to do. Eno would be fine for another 2 hours if she called her Aunty.
She had something to do.


She stood before the woman, and watched as tears formed in her eyes and splashed on her hands and the phone she held.
Eve turned away, it felt like they were watching her sextape. She couldn't bear to look at them anymore.

The woman dropped the phone and passed it to her. "Turn it off" she ordered.
Her tears had disappeared and she looked every inch a strict police officer.

"Ma, I am pregnant" Eve whispered and to her ears it was a dirge.
"You are what!?" The officer exclaimed and slapped her desk.
"He took nude shots" she spoke again... The officer shook her head and looked at her pitifully.


It was a smooth arrest. He was unsuspecting.
He was in his house that morning as usual, waiting to torment her with his lewd remarks.
She had stayed in a distance after dropping off Eno, waiting for the officers to arrive.

They led him away.
She watched with tears in her eyes.
It didn't give her satisfaction
She wanted him shot on the spot.
She wanted to pull the trigger.

A week later, the lady officer called to find out about the pregnancy...she told her.


Eve had dropped off Eno and was walking home... He was there.
She was shocked.
She couldn't move.
He saw her, smiled and walked into the house.
He was free, but she would never be free.

The End.

La'bos ❣ ©

(Thanks for reading... More spontaneous Fiction soon! 💙)

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