Monday, March 4, 2019

Last Night, I Dreamt Of Him...

Last Night, I Dreamt Of Him...

I have lost friends, I have heard news of deaths, but I can beat my chest to say no death news ever moved me this 'big' in a very long time.

I woke up fine on Monday July 30th 2018, I dressed nice too and even took beautiful selfies (the one above) Some of my best selfies were taken that day. Little did I know I had lost a dear friend earlier.

Between the early hours of that morning, my friend and I chatted like we always did, he talked about me being loaded and all... I chided him for staying away too long... He said "Hmm kolorun saanu mi"

My friend didn't say more.
He never told me that at that moment, he was struggling with life as we chatted.
He didn't hint that he was taking some of his last breaths. It took a while to forgive him.. .
I never suspected. I hated myself...
Alas, my friend was leaving.

Few minutes after our discussion, he dropped a few lines on his page "I found a new way to relax and win, in walking away"

Foolishly, I liked the post and asked No questions.
He dropped the pen and literally walked away, from everything by giving up the ghost.
I wept.
My heart broke and bled.
I loved him.
I really did.

I still look forward to his comments on my post, I still write and wait for him to appraise.

Last night I dreamt of him... It was so surreal... Like a closure and I was able to say "Mo, I love you"

Keep resting Boo... ♥

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