Sunday, March 10, 2019

MC Galaxy Needs To Be Chained...Or Horse Whipped!

So, on Friday night, 10pm precisely, this Nigerian singer MC Galaxy got on his Instagram live and challenged ladies to strip for him, promising the freakiest of them the 'gigantic' sum of 50 thousand Naira! Wow!

Sadly, there is hunger in the land. . .so instead of coming together as strong ladies on a day set aside for women all over the world, to lambaste and school MC Galaxy, some ladies actually stripped for MC Galaxy, showing their nakedness to the world.

I saw some part of the videos and I could tell that Galaxy was horny and only wanted to exploit these ladies.

I heard him debase the ladies asking for "Front view" "Back view" "Turn around"
He numbered them and happily watched them stupidly slave for 50K. I even saw an upcoming actress (Only God knows what that one would do for a role)

The singer laughed as the girls tried to be the freakiest, he was the slave master, they were the fools!

This is about the most stupid thing any celebrity has done in Nigeria. I just can't get over it.

The funny thing is, some of these girls needed money for phones, hair, cream, aphrodisiacs, boob enlargement creams, vjay tighteners and so on. They weren't hungry, they were just stupid, very stupid and the one who calls himself a celeb exploited their stupidity.

I don't understand why his colleagues are not dragging him by his shabby hair!
This is insane.
Anyways, the best 'man' won...and life continues!

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Babs said...

The traivails of poor Nigerian ladies.

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